Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Raw emotion — it's what I love about watching and covering youth sports. I haven't done much covering of youth sports since leaving the newspaper world, but I am doing plenty of watching it now with my son and my oldest daughter both taking part in sports.

My son is going to be entering his freshman year of football and I'm excited to see what high school will do for him with his football goals. 

My oldest daughter is keeping busy this early summer, competing in recreational soccer, 9U softball and also running club at school. She sure does have a lot of energy to be able to do all of this.

It's a thrill watching them when they make a big sack in the football game or score the first goal of the night or hit that ball flying out of the pitching machine for the first time. It's that reaction on their face that I love getting to see.

Just yesterday during recreational soccer, my daughter took the ball down field just after starting the game and kicked it into the goal for the first goal of the game. She clinched her fists, raised them and started to jump up and down. I'm sure it was a great feeling for her, but it was also for me to see the joy on her face.

My son had that joy when he was younger and in youth football and T-Ball, but now that emotion has changed slightly as he has gotten older. He gets more intense now as he's gotten older and while he may not jump up and down like he used to, you can still tell he enjoys it when he does something good.

There are several more weeks left to soccer and softball and then football starts up again soon, so it's going to be fun watching them as they grow and become more confident in their skills.

I know sometimes they might get annoyed with me for bringing my camera everywhere, but someday they'll appreciate having these photos to show their own kids, plus I'll always have them to look back at and remember their youth years.

Enjoy the photos!

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