Wednesday, May 8, 2013


     Well, the last few nights have been pretty nice in the Northwoods of Wisconsin with some stunning sunsets and I've been able to get out and shoot a few of them.
     It's been fun, trying to find the best spots for the sunset photos -- what works and what doesn't. Down in Shawano, I knew where some of the best spots where having lived down there for 12 years, but up here I'm still trying to figure out where those spots are.
     So far I've found one that I really like and that's over by the old Frito Laye bridge as you head from Rhinelander into Pine Lake. There's a nice little area to pull the car over there and you can walk on the sidewalk on the bridge and shoot over the lake.
     Another spot is in Pine Lake along River Road, just past Clover Drive. It's where my brothers and I used to fish all the time. Some nice scenes out there during the sunset and plenty of wildlife too.
     In downtown Rhinelander yesterday I got an image of the Rhinelander paper mill with a pink and purple sunset behind it.