Saturday, January 11, 2014


   Rhinelander got his with about two or three inches of snow last night, just enough to make the outdoors look pretty awesome up here with snow covered trees and signs and everything else.
     I snuck out of the house and decided to drive around for an hour looking for photos. I found some that I like, but I wish I could've stayed out a little longer, but oh well, there's still plenty of winter left.
     Sometimes winter photos can seem to blend together after a while -- making them all look similar, so you have to try and find some different things to add into them.
     Today, against a back-drop of snow covered trees I found an American flag on a pole. The bright red stripes really stand out amongst the gloomy trees.
     I also found a pretty cool barn in the Town of Pine Lake.
     So far I'm making it through winter, just as long as the wind chill doesn't sink all the way down to -55 anymore.
    I've also updated my website with a slightly new look. Check it out!