Friday, October 26, 2012


     There are some weeks where you have awesome events or subjects to write about and to photograph. This week has been one of those and it all began on Monday.
     The week started off with me heading to Doc's Harley-Davidson, located along Highway 29 just outside of Bonduel, to do a story on Steve "Doc" Hopkins bringing his motorcycle to Germany for an auto show.
     Now, this isn't any normal motorcycle. This is one he built in 2009 in seven months. The motorcycle in 24-1/2 feet long, has 10 seats and seven different engines, dating back all the way to 1909.
     Hopkins built the bike as a way to show the rolling history of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. From front to back it has historical images of Harley-Davidson founders and motorcycles they have used.
     Hopkins explained to me how he made the bike, finding the materials for the frame, finding the aircraft tires that help him get the bike going, starting all engines at once and hearing them all going. How the far the motorcycle has gone for shows — to Boston, Indianapolis, Ohio, Iowa and several trips to the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee.
     Hopkins is a great individual to talk to, he knows everything Harley. Following the interview about his upcoming trip to Germany, Hopkins was kind enough to show me around in his store — showing me his new 1908 Indian Twin he just purchased, showing me the racing bike he is working on, showing everything in his "Timeline Saloon" that is made to look like an old-time motorcycle shop.
     After the tour, Hopkins and I made our way to the Timeline Saloon & BBQ restaurant, which is located right next to his motorcycle shop. This is where the 10-seat, 7-engine Timeline motorcycle sits.
    He got a group of his employees together and as they loaded the motorcycle into its trailer for the start of its voyage, I snapped photos.
    It's a pretty neat bike to see, I would encourage anyone — motorcycle lover or not — to check out Doc's motorcycle shop, restaurant and his car museum that is located on the grounds as well.
    Later this week it's a trip to Wisconsin Rapids for the state cross-country meet and then some trick-or-treat photos to wrap up the fun week.
    To read more about the bike and it's upcoming voyage, go to the story by clicking HERE.

Steve "Doc" Hopkins, right, and some of his employees push the Timeline motorcycle into the waiting trailer.

The front of the Timeline Motorcycle starting the the early history of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.

The F-Head IOE engine is the first on Doc's Timeline Motorcycle. The engine was used from 1909 to 1929 on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Steve "Doc" Hopkins dusts off the headlines to the Timeline Motorcycle before moving it into a trailer.

Several employees of Doc's Harley-Davidson load up the 10-seat, 7-engine Timeline Motorcycle into a trailer for its voyage to Essen, Germany.