Saturday, December 21, 2013


     While much of Wisconsin is facing the threat of a winter storm tonight and into tomorrow, I am in my nice, warm home looking over some photos I took today before and after picking up my son in Arena, Wis. (near Madison).
     That part of the state got a pretty nasty ice storm on Friday night and still on Saturday many of the trees and fields still were covered in ice, which made for a nice trip down there and back.
     Saturday marked the first official day of winter -- even though many of us in the state already had snow for about the last month. Winter is probably my second favorite season to take photos of - after autumn. I like how the snow and ice make everything look so fresh.
     Here are some of my images from today.
     Happy Winter! You can see more of my images from today by clicking HERE and then clicking on "winter".

Thursday, December 5, 2013


   It's about three weeks away from Christmas, lights are up on the house, tree is up and the whole family is starting to get in the spirit. How about you, are you?
     We also received our first real big snow fall of the year this week, getting about four inches of the white junk on Tuesday and another two inches or so on Wednesday night. While I hate driving in the stuff, I love taking photos after a fresh snowfall. Things seem so peaceful at that time.
     I decided to take a walk into my backyard and mess around taking photos back there during the snow fall and the Christmas lights I already had up.
     It's a fun time to to experiment with your camera, with low-light situations and just see what you come up with when it comes to taking photos of Christmas lights.
     Here are a few of the photos I ended up with.
     Enjoy the holiday season!