Sunday, July 27, 2014



     Probably one of my favorite on-going projects I have on my website at would have to be my collection of photos of vintage cars. It's always fun hitting the old car shows around the area and seeing what is out there.
     It's fun seeing how people spruce up those old vehicles, making them vibrant and keeping them on the road -- even some from the early 1900s!
     I'm not into the kind of engine that is in it or anything like that, what I like are the different colors, the metal the cars are made of (not the cheap plastic they are made of today) and seeing the changes throughout history.
     On Saturday, July 26 my daughters and I took a drive to Crandon to check out the Kentuck Day Festival and the classic car show there. It was quite impressive.
     Two vehicles really caught my eye ... an awesome looking orange truck and a yellow car with a theme of Tweety Bird.
     If you happen to check out my website, just click on the "PROJECTS" link at the top and go to the project called History on Wheels where you will see some of my favorite photos from the past couple years at car shows.
     Where is your favorite car show? What do you tent to look at more at the car shows -- Ford, Chevy, Dodge, colors, engine?

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